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PeoplePix Pro™ Pricing

Hiring "A" Players does not happen by gut feel.

PeoplePix Pro comes in two versions:

1. The Standard version. Good for companies who have not yet set up a values blueprint or may have limited hiring needs or are just getting started. (find out more)

2. The Custom version. Recommended for companies who wish to take advantage of additional customization features below. (find out more)

PeoplePixPro™ Features Standard Version Custom Version
Access to PeoplePix, our complete hiring solution materials showing you the step by step process of implementing a successful competency and values based hiring system to support your workplace culture. (find out more)
Online Interviewer Training. An online course that quickly trains your interviewers using a best practices approach. (find out more)
Printable interview guides for use during interviews. Utilizes behavioral interview question methodology and more. (find out more)
Customization: Access to the PeoplePix new position wizard...let's you create unlimited positions and interview guides starting with questions from PeopleInk's propietary behaviors and competency libraries. Includes the ability to use existing company values questions in interview guides. (find out more)
PeopleInk Advisor customer support. (limited expert one on one phone coaching)

Standard Version
(annual subscription)
Three Interviewers
One Interview Position
Choose from 25 of the
most common positions
Add interviewers by
purchasing additional positions
Custom Version
(annual subscription)
Five Interviewers
Unlimited Positions!
Ability to customize
Interview Guides
Additional interviewers can be
added at $150 each
Second year $500 discount
off 5 user package
Additional 5% discount
at 50 interviewers

*Educational and health care discounts are available. Contact customer support to see if you qualify.

For larger enterprise needs, PeopleInk offers consultant led engagements to compliment the online
PeoplePix tools including full PeoplePix implementation programs and certification programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Standard plan includes interview guides that are pre-scripted with behavioral questions about the competencies related to a specific position. The standard interview guides use the five most common values and associated questions based on our experience: Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Passion, and Accountability. However these guides cannot be edited or customized to specific company needs such as adding your company values or editing questions.

- The Custom Plan lets you scale up your implementation of PeoplePix more easily than the Standard Plan and does not limit interviewers to specific interview guides. One interviewer can have access to all interview guide positions (if needed) with no additional cost.

- The Custom Plan lets you add your own company values or import your Values from the Values Blueprint Pro product (if purchased).

- The Custom Plan also gives you access to the People Ink libraries of values, definitions, competencies, and behavioral questions. (useful in creating new positions)

An interview Guide is a great tool to use during any interview to help an interviewer stay focused, manage interview time, collect all relevant applicant details, and ask consistent behavioral and values-based questions. It also helps in scoring candidates strengths/weaknesses and aids in reaching a group consensus for a hiring decision. The guide includes the interview questions to be asked with space to record applicant responses.

The six online training lessons teach the PeoplePix interview skills essentials and cover concepts such as the how and why of behavioral interviewing, values-based interviewing, getting the whole story from candidates, adhering to legal requirements, using the interview guide, grading candidates, and reaching consensus. It includes quizzes to reinforce learning and demonstration videos showing skills in action.

The hiring system is provided through an easy to navigate online platform. It contains detailed implementation steps for all the topics covered on the PeoplePix overview page here. It also includes downloadable resource files and videos.

The hiring system is designed for your hiring team, those responsible for implementing PeoplePix. Your average interviewer will not need to know all these implementation steps. Their job is to obtain the knowledge and interviewing skills which they get through the online interview training. The image to the right shows an example of sub topics under a heading topic.

PeoplePix lets you create a customized interview guide for any job position while retaining the essential best practices hiring approach. Our easy to use Interview Guide Wizard lets you copy a similar validated position from our system library and modify competencies or interview questions as needed.

Customization also lets you incorporate your own company values questions into interview guides (highly recommended). Our library of values and behaviors questions is included to help you do this.

Keep it simple but know you can customize when you need to.

Standard Version details: example of one company's use.

This company has 30 employees and needs help in hiring A players. They don't have established company values yet and are unsure of their needs at this time. They choose the Standard Version ($299 per position) option because they want access to how to implement the PeoplePix hiring system for their company and need training on behavioral interviewing methods and skills. They opt to purchase two positions from the position list, the inside sales rep. and the customer service rep. The total cost is $299 x 2 = $598 for one year access.

This gives them training licenses for three people per position, the hiring system materials with downloadable resource files, and downloadable interview guides for three people per position: HR, a peer, and a manager. Each interview guide comes with different pre-selected interview questions for values and that position's competencies. The values used come from our work with clients and represent the five values we see most often: Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Passion, and Accountability. This option gets them 95% of the features of the PeoplePix system at an affordable price.

Custom Version details: example of one company's use.

This company has 250 employees and needs help in hiring A players. They have established company values or are eager to implement a values based culture building system. They choose the customizable version with five interviewers to start because they want access to the PeoplePix hiring system and those interviewers will need training on behavioral interviewing methods and skills. They recognize they may need to hire for more than a few positions and the ability to create an unlimited number of positions is attractive. The total first year cost is $1,250.

This gives them interviewer training licenses for five people, the PeoplePix hiring system materials, and unlimited interview guides. They also have the ability to customize any position's questions and incorporate their own company values and values questions. As they begin implementing PeoplePix they decide to add additional interviewers, at $150 per user, which gives them access to the online interviewer training and assigned interview guides.