Values Blueprint Pro™

Values Blueprint Pro™

A well-defined Values Blueprint is the core of a values-centric culture.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Build Employee Engagement
Improve Performance

A complete workplace culture building system.

Want to build a workplace culture to be proud of? You're in the right place.

Phase One, creating your Values Blueprint, the strategic and forward thinking vision for your ideal workplace. A Values Blueprint is made up of your Values, along with a definition, and the Behaviors that support the Values. The Blueprint sets the stage for action by defining minimum behaviors you can actually hire to, reward for, and hold people accountable for living. This is not an empty mission statement.

Phase Two, Implementation and culture management. Building an organizational culture is not difficult but informed leaders know that it requires more than putting writing on a wall and expecting people to follow it. We show you the steps to instill your values into operations and maintain your culture going forward.

We make your journey easy with the Blueprint Wizard, videos, template downloads and an easy to follow navigation system that doesn't bog you down in non-essential details.

Ready to take your company to the next level?

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6 Simple Steps to a better culture...

Step 1 - Form a Values Blueprint Team

A simple but necessary step in the process is selecting members for the Values Blueprint Team.

These people are critical to the success of your Values Blueprint.  A well represented Values Blueprint Team ensures that your corporate Values will be relevant for all employees. We include additional resource files to help you manage the process.


Step 2 - Developing the Values Blueprint

The Values Blueprint Pro Wizard is our proprietary online tool to define your Values and associated Behaviors. With easy to use features you also get access to our values, definitions, and behaviors libraries to aid in crafting your Blueprint. 

The wizard is used in a workshop setting where team members brainstorm a desired "future state" culture. This ideal state draws data from sources like, a current culture assessment, customer feedback, and employee engagement levels.



Step 3 - Establish a Values Committee

A Values Committee maintains oversight and is accountable for implementing and sustaining your values-based culture.

We provide you with the how and why so that your Values Committee can oversee communication and integration of your Values.


Step 4 - Communicate Values to Employees

Power your values implementation success through a great communication plan, now and going forwards. We provide you with ideas and resources that will garner organizational support as you spread the message of Values Blueprint implementation throughout your company.


Step 5 - Integrate Values into the Operating Systems

Want to strengthen an organizational culture?  The answer lies in the discipline of integrating the Values and Behaviors into all operating systems and processes.  Values and Behaviors have to be consistently reinforced and all employees must be held accountable for living them. We share best practices for embedding your Values and Behaviors into your operations.


Step 6 - Plan for Continuous Improvement

Culture maintenance is as important as culture creation. 

A Values-based culture is truly a destination that requires your organization to revisit your progress on a regular basis. We provide you with step by step processes to sustain your Values-based culture and evaluate your progress.


Values Blueprint Pro™
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Values Blueprint Pro™ Wizard

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Practical, step by step information to build your company culture using proven methods, not theoretical ones Yes No
Easy to use, does not require additional consultant-based help Yes No
Proven culture building methodology used by world class brands Yes No
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Organizational culture building tools at an affordable price Yes No

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