Pro Advisor Products

Pro Advisor Products

Consultant based products custom tailored for your organization

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    Culture Assess Pro

    Our Culture Assess Pro consultants can help you evaluate your current culture (“as is state”) and identify gaps for improvement to a desired future state.

    Involving an outside company in your assessment can reveal different perspectives and idenfity areas for improvement. Evaluation of culture is not a one time event, it needs to be continuous discipline.  In the first year of any culture building program, you should evaluate your progress quarterly with annual reviews later on.

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    Culture Rewards Pro

    Values-based recognition programs give employees the opportunity to observe their peers and leaders “living the Values” and to tell inspiring stories that reinforce the expected behaviors.  It is a good idea to form a team to take a look at any existing recognition programs and recommend how you can incorporate the reinforcement of Values and Behaviors into recognition. 

    Our Culture Rewards Pro consultants help your team design an inexpensive values recognition program.  These programs offer a variety of daily recognition opportunities from peer to peer, leader to employee and teams.  

    Whatever you decide to do about values-based recognition, be sure to get input from employees at all levels.  The program needs to be meaningful to them.  And they will have a lot of fun with this one!

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    Culture Performance Pro

    All employees and leaders should be held accountable for the Values and Behaviors just as they are for performance results.

    In fact, we suggest incorporating rating the Values and Behaviors in your performance appraisal process. Some companies put as much as 50% weight on the Values and Behaviors; and really care about getting the right results the right way.

    Our Culture Performance Pro consultants help your team design a Values-based Performance Management process that best fits the needs of your organization.

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    Culture Brand Pro

    Once you have completed your Values Blueprint and incorporated Values into some of the key operating practices including hiring, recognition, and performance management, you can leverage the results into your customer and employment brand.

    More people today graduating from college are looking to work in a company that lives by its Values.  Recognition as an employer of choice and having a reputation for quality of work life is a big advantage in attracting, hiring and keeping the best talent. Our Culture Brand Pro consultants will help your team leverage your Values Blueprint into branding opportunities.  This represents an opportunity to attract and retain the best people in your company.

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    Culture Track Pro

    Companies that have been successful in creating a great high-performing culture know that it requires discipline to sustain a culture built on Values.  Their leaders understand that you never “arrive” at an ideal culture.  Organizations that succeed with culture change over the long term create an intentional plan for continuous improvement.  Culture maintenance is as important as culture creation.

    Every employee in the company should know the key metrics that lead to your business success.  In addition, they need to understand how their performance supports the company’s overall performance.  Our Culture TrackPro consultants will help your team develop a plan for how to inspire this kind of business intelligence among all employees.