PeoplePix Pro™

PeoplePix Pro™

Hiring “A” Players does not happen by gut feel.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Build Employee Engagement
Improve Performance

A Complete Values-Based Hiring System

Hiring the right people is the most important thing you can do to build your organizational culture. That is why we put special attention on hiring as part of the People Ink Culture Model. PeoplePix Pro provides you with everything you need to start hiring “A” Players who contribute to building a workplace culture by intention, not by accident.

Our system utilizes several powerful hiring and selection methods to take the guesswork out of hiring decisions and produce more consistent results.

Methodologies incorporated into our system:

  • Behavioral Based Interviewing (digging for the whole story in candidates past experience)
  • Values-Based Interviewing (questions to uncover and match candidate values to company values)
  • Validated Interview Questions (qualities proven to lead to positional success)
  • Peer Interviewing/Team Hiring Decisions (peers have input, group consensus brings credibility)
  • Online Behavioral Based Interview Training (giving your team the skill to become a wise interviewers)

PeoplePix Pro is built on three important principles:

  1. Hire Right.  Looking at both a candidate's competencies and a match up to company Values.
  2. Fairness and Consistency.  Our Interview Guides and Online Training help interviewers stay consistent and avoid asking illegal questions.
  3. Team Confirmation.  Team consensus equals better hiring decisions.

Companies using the PeoplePix method of interviewing have experienced significant improvement in customer satisfaction, employee retention, and performance.

If you do not currently have corporate Values, we suggest that you take time to complete the Values Blueprint Pro before you start interviewing.  Your organizational Values are a critical part of the hiring process.

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6 Simple Steps to finding the right people...

Step 1 - Form a Hiring Team

A basic but necessary part of implementing Peoplepix, this team assesses current hiring practices and works to implement the PeoplePix interview process company wide. We provide step by step detailed information and time saving resource files to get your hiring team focused and working quickly.

Step 2 - Assess Hiring Practices

Designing your ideal values based hiring process means knowing where you stand currently. Are your current systems Values-based, behavior-based, and peer-based? We give you the necessary guidance to map out your processes and identify areas for improvement.

Step 3 - Implementation

With videos, text, and downloadable resource files we explain how to:

  • initiate the implementation of a PeoplePix program.
  • Develop Competencies for key positions.
  • Develop a PeoplePix Interview Guide.
  • Write behavioral interview questions.
  • Create the best first impression for new employees.
  • Develop a recruiting strategy based on behavior-based Values.

Note: downloadable interview guides (purchased by position) already include competency and behavioral-based questions

Step 4 - Communicate PeoplePix

To successfully implement PeoplePix, it is important that all hiring managers and employees understand how the hiring process works and why it is important. We show you how to best communicate the new PeoplePix program and engage employees in a manner than gains organizational support.

Step 5 - Training for Interviewers

The People Pix Interview Training is a proven training program used by People Ink clients for over 15 years with significant success.

The course builds skills for fair, legal, and behavior-based interviewing practices and includes video examples of how to conduct the PeoplePix interview and the Consensus process with the Interview Team.

Each interview guide position purchased comes with three licenses for the PeoplePix online training which can be assigned to users in the admin area of your account. Additional training licenses can be purchased. One license = access to one user.

Step 6 - Continuous Improvement

Maintain your PeoplePix hiring program by ensuring you have a plan to monitor and evaluate your progress with a commitment to continuous improvement.

We tell you how to develop your maintenance plan and describe the practices that keep your hiring system continuously improving.



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