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Meet the pros who build high performing organizational cultures

Building Your Culture

People Ink Pro was created with the idea that building a great business, brand, and culture is something that every busines owner wants, but might not know how to achieve.

People Ink Pro is the "Build your culture like a pro" online portal that gives small and mid size businesses the tools to create and maintain an organizational culture to be proud of.

Knowledge is power.

The People Ink Pro site contains knowledge that our consulting practice, People Ink, has used with great success for our clients. From the origins in helping to shape JetBlue Airways, known for its outstanding customer service (JD Powers awards 9 years in a row), to the fun spirited culture of Southwest Airlines and the innovative culture of Juniper networks, the expertise behind People Ink Pro is well grounded in real world solutions.

With creativity, humor, and fun, People Ink Pro encourages leaders to throw away the rule book and develop a sustaining company culture that believes in people's ability to accomplish the extraordinary, thereby giving them the authority to succeed.

Founded by Ann Rhoades, who spent her career building people-centric organizations, People Ink helps leaders build legendary people-centric cultures based on core values.